DFRobot Gravity Analog pH Sensor pH Meter Kit V2

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Berat: 200 Gram
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DFRobot Gravity: Analog pH meter V2 is specifically designed to measure the pH of the solution and reflect the acidity or alkalinity. It is commonly used in various applications such as aquaponics, aquaculture, and environmental water testing.

As an upgraded version of pH meter V1, this product greatly improves the precision and user experience. The onboard voltage regulator chip supports the wide voltage supply of 3.3~5.5V, which is compatible with 5V and 3.3V main control board. The output signal filtered by hardware has low jitter. The software library adopts the two-point calibration method, and can automatically identify two standard buffer solutions (4.0 and 7.0), so simple and convenient.

The pH is a value that measures the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. It is also called the hydrogen ion concentration index. The pH is a scale of hydrogen ion activity in solution. The pH has a wide range of uses in medicine, chemistry, and agriculture. Usually, the pH is a number between 0 to 14. Under the thermodynamic standard conditions, pH=7, which means the solution is neutral; pH<7, which means the solution is acidic; pH>7, which means the solution is alkaline.

Signal Conversion Board (Transmitter) V2
- Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.5V
- Output Voltage: 0~3.0V
- Probe Connector: BNC
- Signal Connector: PH2.0-3P
- Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1@25?
- Dimension: 42mmx32mm/1.66x1.26in

pH Probe
- Probe Type: Laboratory Grade
- Detection Range: 0~14
- Temperature Range: 5~60°C
- Zero Point: 7±0.5
- Response Time: <2min
- Internal Resistance: <250M?
- Probe Life: >0.5 year (depending on frequency of use)
- Cable Length: 100cm

- 1set Gravity: Analog pH Sensor/Meter Kit V2

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